The Trustees of our Charitable Foundation, responsible for all investment and governance issues, are Mike Morrison, Charlie Newton, Yasmin Raza, Dianna Moylan and Robin Yourston. Here’s some more information about them:

Mike MorrisonMike Morrison

Mike’s passion for ethical and social enterprise work drew him to Champions Club Community. The sharing of skills and knowledge is central to his philosophy and his work as a Trustee is invaluable to the organisation.



Charlie NewtonCharlie Newton

Charlie became involved with the charity because the opportunity to help others in such a big way was something she couldn’t say no to. She is 24, currently living in Germany with her husband and two small boys. She also volunteers within the English community supporting armed forces families on a one-to-one basis whilst away from home. She run a tots group encouraging parents to spend quality time with their children and has recently become a youth and community worker.


Robin YourstonRobin Yourston

Robin is an Executive Coach, experienced Facilitator and Organisational Change Consultant. He worked with IBM for 38 Years. His career spanned 23 years in Customer Engineering, 5 years in Total Quality Management, and 8 years in CRM and Organisational Change (both internal and external to IBM), as a Coach and Team Facilitator. During his last 2 years, he was a full-time Executive Coach to various Business Executives and their Management Teams. After leaving IBM in 2005, he formed his own company, Gifted & Resourceful People Ltd, focusing on Leadership and Team development, working with Corporates, Finance Organisations, Charities and Private Individuals.


Dianna MoylanDianna Moylan

Dianna is a teacher and youth worker whose Open University degree opened up all manner of doors for her. She is resolutely cheerful, loves music, philosophy, theatre and running Camp Quest UK, a summer camp for free-thinking young people. Since she is aiming at living to be 120, she is barely middle-aged yet, though others might argue this. As a committed Socialist and Atheist, she believes all people are equal and relishes working with CCC to help all people realise this. As Confused Procrastinator, and as herself, she writes regularly for CCC Life.


Yasmin RasaYasmin Raza

Yasmin’s degree in Politics and Economics sparked her interest in global welfare and compelled her to get involved in charity work. Whilst at University, she raised money for a community project in Malawi. Last year, she volunteered as a teacher in Barcelona and then backpacked around Central America, picking up Spanish and a love for Hispanic culture along the way. She currently works in Diversity in a large organisation, and is the founder and lead of their Women’s Network. She is also on the leadership team of the company’s Graduate Challenge Project, and is helping raise funds for a Tower Hamlets based special needs school. She believes that the Global Noticeboard will act as an innovative facilitator for the exchange of goodwill and is very excited to be a part of this change.


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever does." Margaret Mead - Anthropologist, (1901 - 1978)

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