“Together we will all do better than any one of us could do alone”.

This is the basis of all successful communities.

It is the basis on which Champions Club is built.

There is a wonderful story that illustrates the difference between heaven and hell.  In many ways we are already living in what could be described as a heaven or a hell.  The difference between where we find ourselves in life, has more to do with how we approach it than any other single factor.

A man died and stood in the waiting room where he saw two doors.  Both doors were opened so he turned to the door on the left and walked down a long corridor.  At the end he saw a magnificent banquet table filled with thousands of delicious foods. People sat on both sides of the table holding 6 meter long chopsticks. They tried to pick up the food and feed themselves, but the chopsticks were so long it was impossible, so each and every person starved.  After a few minutes the good man heard a voice call his name and headed back up the hallway into the waiting room.  He was told he had gone the wrong way and ended up in hell, so he opened the door on the right and walked down an identical hallway and entered an identical banquet hall, only in this place, nobody tried to feed themselves. They all fed the person across from them and everyone was satisfied and happy. When people cared about others, they were in heaven.

This analogy rings true all the time for me, as I look at the way people behave towards each other on a daily basis. I believe in the simple truth, so clearly identified in the above story, that, “by all helping each other, we will all do better”. This simple and, I believe, self-evident truth, is a founding principal of Champions Club.

I bet someone amongst that heavenly group must have initiated the sharing approach and so solved the group’s problem. That’s how things happen in the real world. When there is a problem, it takes one person with a good idea to stand up and offer that idea. When this resonates, the whole group will adopt that new idea and move forward together.  This is how great things happen.

Champion Club began as an idea to promote dynamic social change. Now there is a growing team of like-minded individuals who have come together to help nurture this new community. It’s thrilling to see how the concept is taking form and growing.

Keeping the idea that “Together we will all do better than any one of us could do alone” as our guiding principle, they have gone on to help develop incredible opportunities for others as part of our wider community.

Honesty, integrity, justice, care, consideration and freedom all remain touchstone principles, behind everything that Champions Club strives to do.

People’s aspirations are as varied and unique as the 1000s of dishes on that banquet table. There is no limit to the kind of support a member might look for or be able to offer in relation to personal success and personal development.

Champions Club is developing many positive programs.  I am especially proud of our platform that provides the ability to offer significant support to charitable enterprises. I personally hope this will go from strength to strength, both in terms of financial support and in terms of real world hands-on every day support. As individuals we really can make a difference and be counted upon.

As a community we are working to make a real difference to a great number of people’s lives and together we share in the satisfaction of their successes.

It is with a true sense of hope and enthusiasm that Champions Club is offered as a platform for all its members. Please step forward and get involved.

The core team remains dedicated simply to providing an opportunity for the community to grow and for people to share what they are able to share, in a mutually supportive way.

Thank you.






Guy Insull


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever does." Margaret Mead - Anthropologist, (1901 - 1978)

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